Warm Spinach and Asparagus Salad

We went from drizzly and cool to hot and sunny. So salad time!

I actually started prepping Tuesday night without taking any pictures. Knowing it would be hot it seemed a good opportunity to try the Ginger, Strawberry, Mint Limeade from this month’s Vegetarian Times. Rather than steep the citrus zest, ginger and mint for an hour, I covered it and left it on the counter over night. I had a taste in the morning and would be content to drink just that.

But we’ll need more than just beverages (we’re not Frank and Sadie Doyle, after all) so Warm Spinach and Asparagus Salad from the same issue, plus chicken for spouse and child and a “chicken” and apple Tofurkey sausage for me.

Since Spouse would be going out on his weekly group bike ride, I though I’d Child involved in making dinner. But then that didn’t happen. Instead, we ended up out at a restaurant with friends and then meeting up with Spouse after his ride.

But all was not lost on the salad front! I just made it Thursday. And didn’t involve the child. Or take pictures. So a bit of a fail on the blogging front, but success in terms of cooking. It was delicious and filling. Part of the latter was probably due to it being four servings that were eaten by two, but I didn’t have anything but the salad, so there’s that.

The only photo I managed to take. And then I ate it.

Edit: I was going to link to the recipe but it’s not up on the Vegetarian Times site yet. So here (please don’t sue me):




2 thoughts on “Warm Spinach and Asparagus Salad

  1. This was the one I didn’t post because I know it will be online in a few weeks at the Vegetarian Times site. But it was really easy. That said, I’m too lazy to type it so I’ll pop a picture in the post 🙂


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