I barbecued this weekend. For those who think I just mean gilling hot dogs, I’ll have you know the lamb was on the cold side (on a bed of garden herbs, mostly lavender) was on for five hours and the pork for four. The chicken was more quickly cooked.

But that’s a lot of meat and meat is not something I eat a lot of. Sure we had friends over, but we also had alcohol and were playing Catan, so there were distractions from all the meat.

Spouse is English. Spouse like pies.

May I present, three separate fillings for pies, pastry to be supplied by Spouse.


First up, we have chicken in an Asian-inspired filling with Sriracha, Tamari and ginger

Chicken pie filling with vegetables

Next we have pork with mushrooms, sage, red wine and cider

Pork pie filling with vegetables

And finally the lamb in ale with  shoots

Lamb pie filling with vegetables

The Spouse made the pastry

Pastry shells with filling

And they baked for 40 minutes



Catch up

So, bad blogger here.

We ave been in the middle of a heat wave and drought here. I don’t even know what I’ve cooked, but apparently this happened:

The crust was delicious, but heavy, and all the additional fruit I put in caused it to drip everywhere when cooking.


Drinks have also happened. This sour was as delicious as it sounds. I made it once with gin and once with rum.



And here we have some sun tea with lavender and min from the garden.

More fruit tarts happened. This was from one of the cookbooks, but of course I didn’t photograph the recipe.


Summer treats of corn and cukes have been had.


Doors have been swung on.


Laundry has been dried.


Birds have been spotted.

World’s laziest blogger

I have barely been doing what anyone would call “cooking” in this heat, let alone cracking open a cookbook. I have taken some pictures, but they are languishing on my camera. Basically, I suck.

I promise to do a catch-up post with all the things from my camera this weekend.