So I had a few days off, mainly due to the busy weekend, part of which was spent in pediatric ER getting the child’s head wound sealed up (she’s fine, I’m still traumatized.)

But, back at it last night with the last cookbook in this first round! At this point, my recipe following was going out the window. I forgot the sweet potato, ran out of asparagus last week, left the water chestnuts in the pantry, yadda yadda. But I did make the Mediterranean Lentil Salad again (before making tempura) for an event tonight, so I was a little done with cooking.


And the sauce? Garlic and ginger are acceptable substitutes for bonito and MSG, right?


Whatever. I had zucchini, bok choi, chilies, leeks and mushrooms.


I also decided to do some meats as well since I had bought beef and fish specifically for this dish. Chicken was added for the child (she had all of one piece and then half a cucumber)


Fried fried fried


ignore the ice pack.

So this wasn’t bad, it just took a while to prepare. I would have liked some plain rice to go with it, but did not plan for that.