Stewed Potatoes

It’s a little chilly and dreary today, so a good night for hearty food. Tonight’s recipe comes from Good Food from Sweden. There were actually a lot of things in here that I was interested in, but decided to go for good ol’ potatoes. I nearly chose the gratin on the same page, but that seemed like cheat because who hasn’t made that before? Stewed potatoes sounds a little unappealing, but the recipe is basically just potatoes in a white sauce, so it should be tasty.

This recipe is inherently vegetarian and is suggested to accompany sausages, which I can get as meat, vegetarian or vegan.


There is really nothing to describe about making this recipe. Boil potatoes, peel, make white sauce, add potatoes.



It was a nice dish and went well with sausage and salad.



Spouse finished his, child ate only her celery. She’s going to need some bread and peanut butter before bed.