Starting with the sweet: Rhubarb Stirabout


I have a friend who for years thought she didn’t like rhubarb because she hated strawberry-rhubarb pie. Turns out she just hated cooked strawberries. I feel her on this, because rhubarb is AWESOME! It’s so freaking sour but cooks up beautifully to a tangy delight.

Rhubarb is in season and I had some from my farm order I was just itching to use. I had been looking around for a rhubarb and custard recipe as Spouse is English I and do like making comfort foods for both of us. This Rhubarb Stirabout recipe, from Good Eating: Suggestion for Wartime Dishes, satisfies all those comfort food + tangy rhubarb desires.


This recipe is dead easy: flour, fat, some sugar and enough liquid to make a batter. There is almost more rhubarb than batter, and this could easily be adapted to use other fruits, fats and liquid (very easy to make vegan if that’s your thing.) I’m betting you could even use gluten-free flours here.


This recipe is a lot of what I love about WWII recipes with its simplicity. I was actually a bit surprised this was baked and not steamed like so many other puddings (desserts) I’ve seen.


The recipe called for serving this hot with golden syrup. I think we have a tin of golden syrup in the pantry, but as far as liquid sugars go, that’s not how I roll. I’m a Vermont girl and if it isn’t maple it’s crap (well, okay, I like honey, but not as a topping.) Instead, I went with my first desire of custard and mixed up a pouring-consistency batch of Bird’s.


And we ate the whole thing.