Our first recipe comes from the Reader’s Digest Great Recipes for Good Health.


I started out with this one for a couple of reasons. First, I knew after my produce and spice shopping I would have the ingredients, but also because it was the one I was least enthused about. Let’s face it, “healthy eating” from an ’80s cookbook can be pretty grim. There were A LOT of recipes I passed over in that one before settling on the Jambalaya .This recipe called for cooked chicken to be added at the end, so it seemed a good fit for me to make the batch and then have either chicken or a vegetarian protein to go with it.

I have been cooking so long that I have a hard time sticking to a recipe. This is another challenge for me here. As it is, I was doing some substitutions, such as vegetarian bouillon for chicken broth, and chopped fresh tomatoes for canned since I had the fresh and they were really needing use. Also, during my spice run, I assumed I had ground cloves only to discover otherwise, so added some whole cloves instead. And the chicken thing.


The sauteing veggies smelled good, and really nostalgic (maybe a lot of green pepper  mirepoix in my childhood?)

It came together fairly easily, and actually tasted quite good. I think calling it jambalaya is a bit ambitious, but whatever. It could have been the spinach mold on the opposite page.




Spouse had his with chicken and extra hot sauce. Child had plain chicken and rice.